A repairman is servicing the outdoor unit of an air conditioning system.

How to Optimize Your HVAC's Performance

How to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient

There’s a reason heating, ventilation, and air conditioning get lumped into one category: they work hand in hand with one another. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain all the elements of your HVAC system throughout the year. It helps with their lifespan and can give them better performance. Here’s how to get the most out of your HVAC system.

Keep Up With Cleanings

If you didn’t already know, you do need to clean your HVAC system. But it’s never too late! Cleaning your units ensures that they remain free and open to distribute air, whether hot or cold.

One of the most important things to do is to replace your filters. When dust and debris collect in the filter, it hinders airflow and makes your system work harder. This results in less efficiency and a shorter lifespan.

You should also clean the vents and the areas around them. Using a vacuum makes this even easier and can help promote clean airflow out of the vents.

Seal Off Leaks

You’re paying for that warm or cold air, right? So you want all of it to reach your living or bedroom and not get lost on the way. Sealing off any openings in your ductwork will help limit air waste that can escape from your system. It will reduce the amount of work your HVAC system needs to do and cut down on energy costs.

Air leaks are the enemy of HVAC efficiency. Gaps can also occur outside your ductwork, leaving doors and windows prone to air leakage. Installing better seals or weatherstripping will help reduce those leaks and keep the air inside your home.

Use Your Fans

Whether tower, stand-up, or ceiling, fans aren’t a substitute for air conditioning but can be a supplement. You can even use them in the winter!

When placed strategically, fans can help circulate air in your home quicker, which can allow you to drop your thermostat a few degrees. A ceiling fan can help move air around your home, both in the summer and winter. Hot air tends to rise, so a ceiling fan will help move it around the house in the winter, giving a more even distribution.

Get the Right System

HVAC is not a one-size-fits-all approach (just look at any commercial building to see how massive their system is). This is also true for different homes. It can even get as custom as usage patterns.

You’ll want to work with an HVAC professional to install the correct system for your home, depending on usage and your home’s size. A too-small system for your home would need to work overtime, likely bumping up your energy bill. On the other hand, a too-large system will probably be wasting energy or not functioning efficiently to meet your needs.

These concepts also apply to ductwork, which should be the appropriate size to fit your home and consider airflow patterns and usage. Did you know that the way ductwork is arranged can impact the airflow in your home? A trusted HVAC professional can help map out the best option for your home and help get your system working at maximum efficiency.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

If your HVAC system is working fine, keeping your home comfortable, and not breaking the bank, you may wonder why you would need maintenance. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. If you recently installed a new system, you know the type of investment you were making in your home. Why wouldn’t you want to make that investment last?

A professional HVAC technician can look at every inch of your air conditioning or heating system to see where any faults are or, hopefully, give you an all-clear to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Even if they don’t discover an issue, they can give you suggestions on upkeep and maintenance that you can do on your own, or they’ll be able to find a problem and work to resolve it before it gets worse.

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